5 Of The Best Booty Exercises That Aren't Squats

Who wants a toned and sculpted booty? I mean really... does anyone not? Women, men, kids, okay maybe not kids because they don't really give a shit about what they look like (these were the days, hey!)

When I first started working out properly I LOVED leg and booty days, like if I could train them every day I would have. Somewhere along the road, I started hating leg days, to the point I would not want to work out on Monday and Thursday aka leg day. It might have been the fact that I was seeing more results in my quads than in my glutes- it was not proportionate. I had no glute muscles and all the quad muscles.

Goal: higher, rounder, firmer.

Now, once you put in the actual research and find out some of the best glute building exercises- then you start to see results. Here are five of my favourite glute building exercises.

1. Hip Thrusts
You can feel this one everywhere- the glutes, the quads, the hammies- even the lower abs. Barbell hip thrusts with a band are my favorite to really feel it. I place the band above my knees and the barbell across the top of my hips and spend the whole time I am doing these feeling bloody awkward doing it- anyone else?

Lay on the floor with your knees up and about hip-width apart. Breath in and lift your lower half off the ground, squeeze everything- your core, your glutes, your everything. Do not hyperextend your back at the top. Lower back to the ground, make sure you flatten your back on the ground when you lower.

2. Single leg deadlifts 
It's like a deadlift with one leg and a kickback with the other. If you can't do the kickback (that would be me on bad balance days), place your other foot behind the other and use that as a stabilizer only, all your weight should be on the front foot.

Lean forward from the hips, place your weight on the front foot while extending the back one up. You should basically look like a T shape, don't forget to keep a slight bend in your leg that is on the ground- don't hyperextend.

3. Sumo deadlifts
Keep the booty up high, this is not a squat!! People are all for conventional deadlifts and often sleep on the sumos, time to stop that. Legs out wide people, out wide!!!

As I just said begin with your legs out wide, bend at the hips in order to grip the bar with relaxed shoulders. Keep your head and chin up as you drive your heels through the floor and extend through the hips and knees. Bend through the hips when returning the weight to the floor.

4. Kettlebell Swings 
Feel uncoordinated doing a kettlebell swing? Girl me-bloody-too! 

Drive through the heels and exploding through the hips- send the weight through and up. Don't go much higher than chest high, contract through the hips and squeeze your glutes as the weight reaches full height. Allow the weight to basically do its own thing on the way back down.

5. Reverse Lunge to Plyo Jump
For the uncoordinated among us, hi, welcome to the club. This one really tests your balance and I still cannot do these with any kind of weight, bodyweight is dangerous enough.

Lunge backwards into a normal lunge, instead of coming back to standing- bring the back leg straight through and use that as momentum to jump up on the front leg. Go straight back down into that lunge (I mean if you can, ya girl over here has to stand first to regain some balance)

Don't get rid of squats all together though, they're still a bloody great exercise for the lower body!