Got A Weight Plate? You've Got A Full Body Workout!

If you only have a weighted plate available you can still get in a killer full body workout!

I did this quick little circuit when I only had a half an hour-ish to get a sweat in so I did it as 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off and repeated three or four times.


Exercise 1: Leg lifts -> fluttering lower 

I hold the plate above my chest quite high up, if you get worried about dropping on your face (ie. I have actually done this) you can bend at the elbows and hold not far from the chest.
Lay on your back with the chest at your desired position. Push your lower back into the floor, and use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs off the ground at the same time to a 90-degree angle. Instead of lowering them again at the same time flutter kick them back down slowly.

Exercise 2: Squat -> Front Press

Hold the weight at your chest. Squat down into... well into a squat? Once you reach your lowest point of the squat press the weight out straight and bring it back in as you stand upright again. Don't forget to squeeze the glutes at the top!!

Exercise 3: Car drivers 

Much the same as the front press without the squat movement. Push the plate out from the chest- but don't come straight back in. Once you reach the end of the press move the weight from side to side (one each way) as if you were moving the steering wheel of a car (getttit?). Pull it back into the chest. Look, these look like they might not burn, but they do- I die.

Exercise 4: Stiff leg deadlift -> narrow squats

Stand with your torso straight and feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Keeping the knees stationary, lower the weight from the waist (keep the back straight!!!). Once you've lowered to your limit (ie. just above the feet) come slowly back up to your starting position. Drop the weight from one hand and allow one side of the body to hold onto the weight and squat down. It will be a tougher squat depending on how close your feet are together. On the next rep swap the weight to the other hand.

Exercise 5: Leg lifts 

Hold the weight plate either above the head (like in the video!!) or at the chest. Slowly lift each leg up and back down, keep the core tight the whole time. Fairly simple, yet effective.