My Favourite Health & Fitness Apps

Over the years I have spent quite a lot of time and money trying out the latest and greatest health and fitness apps. They all seem to make these big promises and ya' girl is one of the first to fall for it every time. While it may not be good for my iPhone storage space or my bank balance it does mean that I can pass what experiences I have on to you guys. All in the name of content- right?

While I could also give you a list of all the apps I don't like, I like to keep this space positive, so here we have a few of my favourite health and fitness apps- all of which you will find on my phone currently.

  • MyFitnessPal
    I know, I know calorie counting is not for everyone and sometimes it is not for me either. But I love this app for when I am counting macros- it has a huge database of every food you can think of- I'm talking over 5 million different foods logged! It also comes with a home page that is full of motivational and informational posts. Some people will love it and some will hate it.
  • Keep It Cleaner
    What started out as an online program founded by Steph Smith and Laura Henshaw now has an accompanying app. I have been signed up to KIC since it started and while I don't follow it specifically I do love the community, the motivation it provides and most importantly- the recipes. The app features the full program including meal plan and daily workout, a shopping list feature, running tracker, HIIT and interval timer, blog posts, extra fitness challenges, and a period tracker. What an app.
  • Headspace
    If you follow the blog posts on The Introvert Archive you may have seen me talk about Headspace before. It is an app that provides you with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that can bring you a sense of inner peace. Again, meditation is something that is not for everyone- it was something I wasn't convinced on in the beginning either. There are many different subjects for you to choose from, why not give it a go? There is always the delete button if you really don't like it!
  • Sweat
    I followed this app for the longest time and I still love it to this day if I do not have the energy to put my own workout together. You get the choice of any of the all-female trainer line up that includes Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Sjana Elise, and Stephanie Sanzo, and each of their programs is so different to the other. There is so much variety in their training offerings- you could never get bored.
  • Blogilates
    Some days you just cannot bear the thought of lifting a single weight and that is perfectly fine. That is how I found Blogilates by Cassey Ho- I was searching YouTube one day something that piqued my interest and got me moving my body completely differently to usual. In this app, you get access to all of her videos including full workouts and how-to, an online forum and her monthly workout calendar.
  • Waterlogged
    I am obsessed with this app. As someone who was once a person who drank nowhere near enough water per day, this app really helped me get my water intake levels up. Your goal is to fill up the virtual water bottle on the screen by logging in the water as you consume it, you can also set yourself reminders that "hey, time to drink some water!"
  • Flo
    Alright, ladies, this one is for you! And you probably already know what this app is because it is hugely popular among females. This app is three things: a period tracker, ovulation calendar and then if you should need it a pregnancy app. With this app, you have the ability to log all of your symptoms and activities in order to get the most accurate predictions regarding your menstrual cycle. It also has a pregnancy mode and a post-pregnancy mode- this is everything in one.  
Have you found a new app on this list that you want to try? Have another app you think should be featured? Hate all of them? Let me know in the comments below!