The Low Impact, Full Body Circuit I Did On An "Off" Day

For those "I cannot do this today" days. 

When I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a large vehicle travelling a decent speed I know it was time for an impromptu rest day. My usual strength session was replaced with a calm stationary bike ride when I watched youtube videos and waited for some panadol to kick in. Once it did eventually kick in (like an hour later!) I wanted to move my body slightly more than just sitting on a seat and pedalling. 

So I put together this quick, full body, low impact circuit. 45 seconds on the timer per move, 15 seconds rest for five rounds. It only took me 25minutes and I felt so much better afterwards!


I think I might have made some of these up on the spot, but I was just going with the flow to be completely honest (you can 100% tell in the video oops!)

45 seconds: Alternating backwards lunges
15 seconds: rest 

I've just realised I switched movements halfway through this video and started adding in a lift at the end, not sure where that came from but roll with a lunge + lift if you want too. 

From your upright standing position take one leg and lunge backwards, the idea was to hold this lunge for a second or two but you can't tell in the video. Push off that back leg and come back to standing before repeating on the other side. When you lunge back you can add in the arm movements to the front as well.

45 seconds: alternating leg and arm drop
15 seconds: rest

I'm no sure if this one was really working anything except my coordination issues (I tried to edit those out of the video but it would have taken me alllllll day) but it felt good to stretch out like this. 

Lay on your back with your leg in a tabletop position and your arms straight up in front of your face. Slowly lower one leg to straight in front of you at the same time you move your opposite arm to straight behind you. Bring them back up and swap over to the other two, good luck with that one! This will test your coordination, abs and your concentration skills.

45 seconds: plank bum taps 
15 seconds: rest

This was originally just a plain old plank, but the panadol had kicked in and I thought "let's make it a little bit more interesting than just a plank!" 

In the plank position on your toes and forearms (lower to your knees if you have too), slowly raise one arm at a time to reach behind you and tap yourself on the bum. Replace that arm on the ground and then do it with the other side as well. The idea is to try and keep yourself as stable as possible even though you are removing one of your support beams. Try not to rock your core from side to side as you change arms.

45 seconds: push up with a hold 
15 seconds: rest 

I made this one up halfway through the push-up. Was it because I wanted to hold the squeeze or was it because I wasn't sure if I could get back up? You will never know. 

On your toes, or on your knees whatever you prefer really- perform the first step of the push-up- the lowering your body to the ground. Instead of springing back up, hold that position for 1-2-3 and then push back up. 

45 seconds: bird dog lift 
15 seconds: rest 

Is this or is this not the exact reverse of the opposite arm and leg lowering I made you do like two minutes ago?! 

Begin on all fours with a neutral spine, and your weight evenly distributed, don't have all of it on your legs or your arms- evenly have it spread out. At the same time (again, coordination will be challenged, especially with me!) life one leg and the opposite arm, use your core muscles, squeeze them. Lower back down and change sides. Try not to rock your core during this, keep that weight nice and even across the whole body so you aren't shifting your core with each movement. 

If you can only get through these rounds twice? Great! 
If you can't do seconds and want to reduce working time while increasing the rest time? Go for it!

TIA Active is here to give you the tools to move your body how you and your mind are comfortable with, change these workout ups- what fits you on a shitty day might feel like hell for you. You do you.  

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