An Upper Body, Dumbbell Only Circuit For Your Next Arm Day

Alright, I am back with a dumbbell only, upper body circuit because no one likes to have to chop and change between different weights when you're only working for 40 seconds... right? As the title would suggest you need dumbbells for this one but if you do not have a pair handy then you could use anything you have around the house- full water bottles, some tins for the kitchen, whatever. 

How to do...

This one is circuit style and I did 40 seconds of working out and 20 seconds of rest but you could easily change that up into 45 on, 15 off or 30 on, 30 off- mix it up!


Move 1: Kneeling Shoulder Press

Grab one dumbbell in each hand and put yourself into a kneeling position on the floor, knees approximately shoulder-width apart so that you have some good stability happening. Bend your elbows and start with your dumbbells at ear height, this is your starting position. From here push from your shoulders and extend your arm up to straight before coming back to that starting position. Do not forget to have your core on the WHOLE time!

Move 2: Push-ups 

Okay, I did these with my hands on the actual dumbbells (you maybe cannot see that in the video?) but if you want more stability, of course, move your hands to the floor and for an easier version drop to your knees. Make sure you are holding your core up and it is tight. Want to make it a bit harder? Hold that low position for 3-2-1 and then push back up. 

Move 3: Bent Over -> Upright Row 

Grab one dumbbell in each hand, bend your torso forward from the hips with your knees slightly bent as well. Place the weights in front of your body with your head up. From this starting position, keep the torso still and bring the weights up into the row position- squeeze those back muscles at the top! Bring the weights back down to the starting position, once you get to the bottom straighten your back (but not your knees) and complete the row again just in the upright position. From having the weights at the front of your body (palms forward) lift them straight up to no higher than the shoulders. Brace and return. 

Move 4: Front -> Side Lift 

Begin with your weights at the front of your thighs, slight bend in the elbow, back straight, head forward and legs not hyperextended. Raise your weights until they reach parallel with your shoulders, instead of going straight back down pause at the top for a second (tight core, don't forget!!!). From here keep your arms slightly bent and up at the parallel position move your arms out to the side in a lateral position and then lower the weights to the side of the body. 

How many times?

I did this four times through 40 seconds on, 20 seconds of rest between each move and 1-minute rest in between each round.