So, You've Seen EMOM Around- What Is It?

EMOM training has been around for a while now and we still see people who don't really understand what the concept means, so I found it all out for you.

What does EMOM stand for? 
EMOM stands for "every minute on the minute".

What is EMOM?
EMOM is a time-based structure of training that means you complete the set amount of repetitions and then rest for the remainder of the minute. So, if it took you 20 seconds to complete the reps given, you would then rest for the rest of the minute- 40 seconds. 

Why use EMOM training?

  • This style of training is very adaptable to the person performing the sets, it can be designed to test your endurance or to test strength- it all depends on what movements you use for you "working" period.
  • This style can also be tailored to suit the specific skill set and fitness level of the person doing the training, making this a good one for many people.
  • This method of training is very time efficient and will mean that you are using your time in the gym effectively. There is no lost time in between your sets.
  • EMOM can also be incorporated into circuit style training: station one would be for the first minute, the second minute would accompany the second station and so on. You don't have to repeat the same movement for every minute, you can change it up and keep it interesting.
  • The rest provides the incentive- the longer it takes you to complete your reps, the less time you have to rest before you have to start moving again. 
EMOM Training is ideal for... 
  • Getting your heart racing and sweat on
  • Burning fat 
  • A fast-paced workout that won't have you spending hours in the gym
  • Strength and conditioning work
EMOM Training is not ideal for...
  • hypertrophy 
What is an example of an EMOM workout?

Twelve minutes on the clock, complete the set amount or reps and then rest for the remainder of the minute before moving on to the next movement. 
  1. 20 x air squat with no weight 
  2. 15 x push-ups (begin on toes, finish reps on knees if need be.)
  3. 20 x butterfly sit-ups
Repeat until 12 minutes is up for a full body EMOM workout. 

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