Move Aside Glutes.. Here Is A Thigh Workout For Your Leg Day

We're all a little bit consumed with working on the glutes- which is understandable because many of us aspire to have the booty of Tammy Hembrow and Kimmy K- but what about the thighs? They deserve some stretching out too! Here are five moves to hit those thigh muscles.

BTW: The resistance band I am using is a cheap one from PTP and its available from Rebel Sports (I've never had an issue with these and repurchase when necessary!)


MOVE 1: Clam Shells with a resistance band. 

Lay down on your side with your knees bent at about 90 degrees, keep a slight bend in your core as well- but not so you are completely hunched over. If you are using a resistance band have that placed just above the knees. With the top leg- rotate upwards as far as comfortable with the resistance band, or if you aren't using one come up about six inches. Repeat all your reps on one side and then roll over (looking like a seal if you are anything like me!) and repeat on the other side.

Recommended reps: 15 - 25

MOVE 2: Banded Side Leg Lift 

You can absolutely do this move without a resistance band, but it does make it harder and give the muscles more of a working.  

Okay, you will probably need something to hold on to if you have TERRIBLE balance like me. Stand with your back straight and one at a time (obviously) lift your leg up and out, keeping it straight the whole time before lowering back to the floor and repeating. Have the resistance band placed just above the ankles- or if you have two handy, place one just above the knee and one just above the ankles for an added resistance.

Recommended reps: 8 - 12

MOVE 3: Bridge with hip abduction

Again you can do this without the resistance band if you don't have one- if you do have one have it placed just above the knee.

Lay on your back with your knees bent up and your feet flat, have them placed about shoulder-width apart and quite close to your bum. Have your arms by your side. Slowly, lift your hips off the ground until you have a straight line from the knees to the hips to the shoulders. At the tops of this lift push against that resistance band and move the top of your legs outward and back in before lowering yourself.

Recommended reps: 8 - 12

MOVE 4: Side crab walks

Just as effective with and without the resistance band.

With the band in that same position around the tops of your knees squat down to around 70 degrees. Instead of coming back up like you would in a normal squat, start walking sideways as if you were a crab- staying low! Go a few steps on way before going back.

Recommended reps: 10 - 15 per side

MOVE 5: Side lunge with leg lift 

I mean, you could use the resistance band for this one but I am not good with balance as it is so I left it out.

From an upright standing position take one leg and perform a standard side lunge, using that top leg push yourself back up to standing but instead of putting it back down on the floor lift up as if a seagull and go straight back into the lunge- try not to fully stand back up for your whole set!

Recommended reps: 6 - 10 per side

What workouts do you want to see? let me know!

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