I Did A Week Of Full Body Workouts.. This Is How It Went

Why are we doing this?

This week I am changing things up in terms of my training- for the whole week. Not to see how I change physically, but to see the impact it has on my mental health. Change is not something I am particularly good at but I am keen to see how the change from split muscle groups per training session to the full body every day goes.

How it usually works:

I am very much a creature of habit and routine, so once I have my routine set out- I like to stick to it. Usually, I have two upper body days, two lower body days and two full body days per week. My week looks a little bit like this:

  • Monday: legs and glute heavy lifts 
  • Tuesday: upper body lightweight day including HIIT, boxing etc
  • Wednesday: Full body heavy lifts 
  • Thursday: lower body lightweight day including HIIT, cardio 
  • Friday: Upper body heavy lifts
  • Saturday: full body whatever I feel like doing because its the weekend. 
I have found that this kind of structure and "split" really works for me personally, but as we all know everyone is different. As a general rule, Sunday is a rest day but that being said I could wake up feeling like utter crap on a Thursday and decide to take that as a rest day as well- it all depends on how I'm feeling both mentally and physically. 

How it is going to work this week:

This week will be full body every day of the week (except Sunday because rest day is important). So, it will look a little something like this:
  • Monday: Heavy lifts: chest movements, deadlifts- accessory movements at a lower weight including abs
  • Tuesday: Bodyweight / HIIT full body movements 
  • Wednesday: Heavy lifts: shoulder, biceps, squats- accessory movements at a lower weight including abs 
  • Thursday: bodyweight / HIIT full body movements
  • Friday: Heavy lifts: Back, triceps, hip thrusts- accessory movements at a lower weight including abs
  • Saturday: bodyweight / HIIT full body movements
Alright.. let's do this. 


PRE-WORKOUT: I am not feeling the greatest today and considered pushing this full body week back to next week but then I remembered the whole aim of this is to see how I feel changing it up, so we're sticking to our guns. It's currently 7am, I have been for my morning walk and had some breakfast, while that settles I am writing up my session for the day and having some pre-workout. A little bit sad that I don't get my usual leg and booty workout to start off the week- but we'll see how this goes. 

POST-WORKOUT: God, everything just felt SO heavy and like it was more of an effort than usual today. There were no tears though so I think that is a plus. I trained a few legs first- deadlifts were my heavy movement and then some accessory movements like squats and kickbacks and I feel like I went hard with those but then dropped off with the heavy chest and general arm movements. I don't think I liked how I set the actual session out which was legs-arms-abs, I think tomorrow I'll change the layout and see how that goes. 


PRE-WORKOUT: Yesterday's mental breakdown really had an influence on my sleep and how I am feeling today- I snoozed my alarm four times this morning much to Brodie's annoyance. It has been a really slow start this morning, my walk went for a lot longer than usual because I was freezing cold and dragging my feet. I've just had some C4 pre-workout in the hopes that I won't continue feeling on as sluggish as I feel current. Once this kicks in and my food is digested a bit more I am going to try a full body HIIT and hopefully I release some endorphins to improve my day.

POST-WORKOUT: Look, let me put it like this: that was not my best workout but it wasn't my worst either and that's fine. I'm not sure how I feel about the change from the full upper body to full body, because I feel like I maybe didn't go as hard on my upper body as I usually would and that is my weakest area. I got a good sweat on and I do feel a bit lighter in mood, hopefully, I can keep this feeling going for the rest of the day.


PRE-WORKOUT: I am feeling SO much better today than I was the past few days. I got up earlier to go for my morning walk (and froze my face off) but I just felt lighter today which was nice. I am currently setting my monthly goals because hello its May already- WTF? And am super keen to hit this full body lift session, I've changed the layout from Monday to something I think I will enjoy more.

POST-WORKOUT: It was SUCH a good idea to change the layout of the actual workout, the new way just had a nicer flow and I felt like I got more out of it. Wednesday is usually full body lift day anyway so it felt like I was back to a bit of normality. I am still feeling good like I was pre-workout, so today has definitely been a success.


PRE-WORKOUT: HIIT and cardio day today and I am excited to get a good sweat on. I am really enjoying full body HIIT instead of upper/lower, it gives me more of a workout. I am a little bit sore today, but nothing unbearable for me to miss out on a training day.

POST-WORKOUT: As keen as I was at the beginning it kind of took me a long time to actually get into this workout, I felt fatigued and just slow at the beginning, despite the fact I did have some pre-workout. I didn't get to finish the whole plan as I had to do school drop off but still managed to get quite the sweat up once I got into the actual moves. Day four- feeling good!


PRE-WORKOUT: I had a little sleep in (half an hour longer than usual) because I will be up late tonight and I went for a bit of a longer walk today just because I knew I was going to be sitting in the car for a while this afternoon and wanted to make sure I got my step goal. I have a bit more time today for this workout that is focussing on heavy hip thrusts, shoulder and abs. Excited for a heavy shoulder day, my favourite part of the upper body to train!!

POST WORKOUT: I am dead, destroyed, gone. The combination of heavy hip thrusts, shoulders and a few abs thrown in has absolutely buggered me- plus it is Friday so I was bound to be tired. Pre-workout kicked in at exactly the right time and I smashed this workout out in a good time, ready to get on with the rest of my day. I set this one out the same as Wednesday because I just really enjoyed that layout and it worked a charm again.


PRE-WORKOUT: My last training day of the week, yaaaas! A sleep in was had this morning after I didn't get home until around 11:30pm, which for this Nana is way past her bedtime. At 7am I was up and going for my usual morning walk, which coincidentally ended up being around 10km because I truly got lost in my thoughts of goal setting and content planning and that was just how far I went before I thought "Oh I should go home and have some breakfast!". To finish off the week I am going to take some inspiration from Natacha Oceane and finish the week strong with a full body functional workout, which is pretty new for me, I am prepared to die.

POST-WORKOUT: Okay.. die I did. That was absolutely brutal!!! But I loved that style of training it was something so new for me but it was SO good. The amount of sweat coming from me right now is insane and I can feel the muscles all over me burning!!

I went into this week unsure of how I was going to go, how much I was going to enjoy doing full body every day instead of my usual split. In the beginning, I really struggled to get into the whole idea of the full body every session, but by Saturday I loved hitting every muscle every day! I found that I had more energy for the heavy lifts, I had more clarity and I was burning more calories. Of course, each muscle wasn't getting as much attention as it usually would but I do think it was a good idea to mix things up.

I finished the week off feeling THAT good that I came to two conclusions:
1. I am going to give a few weeks of the full body a go and see where that takes me.
2. I am 100% going to be incorporating more functional workouts in.

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your training, you feel uninspired and unmotivated, give changing up your routine a go, I back this 100%.

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