Feel The Upper Body Burn - No Weights Required!

It is time for an upper body burn ladies (and gentlemen if you're here too!) This is four plank style moves that you can add into your next upper body day, and better yet- they're all bodyweight. You could combine the four as a HIIT finisher if you please, that is what I did.


Exercise 1: Burpee -> Commando 

You knew there was going to be a burpee in here, didn't you? I have a strange love-hate relationship with the good old burpee. I hate doing them... but I love to include them in my workouts- strange hey?

From your upright standing position, place your hands on the floor and use your core (important!!!) to jump your feet out into a high plank position. From here you add in the commando part, drop one arm to the floor so your elbow is touching and then drop the other arm to the same position. Come straight back up onto your hands and finish off by jumping back into a tuck position and then straight up vertically to finish the burpee. 

Exercise 2: Plank Reaches 

Not a fan of this? Swap it out for a normal plank. 

In your low plank position ie. on your toes and forearms, straight line the whole way from your head to your toes, core braced and switched on. Put something about an arm's length away in front of your head (I've used a kettlebell) and alternate each arm to reach out and touch that object. Keep your hips as still as possible and try to not shift your weight with each movement- I still struggle with this. 

Exercise 3: Staggered Push Up 

OOOOH fancy push ups- how exciting. 

If you have to dop to your knees for this one- do it. I have to because my coordination and balance is terrible and it's less to think about if I've dropped to my knees. Instead of doing a normal push up with both arms at a level distance away from the body, bring one arm back towards the body. In this staggered position complete the push up (hurts hey!!) and then swap them over to the hands are in different positions. You could always complete a set amount in one arm position and then swap over. 

Exercise 4: Plank Shoulder Taps -> Toe Taps 

This is a lot to think about in one move, I had to edit the clips to make it seem like I was completely aware of what I was doing the whole time. 

In your high plank position, the first thing you do is a shoulder tap on each side. So for that you, one at a time keep your core tight and hips stable and touch opposite arm to the opposite shoulder. Do this one time for each shoulder. Now, go into toe taps. From your finished shoulder tap position (which is back in that high plank), bring one leg up and in as if doing a mountain climber and tap it with the opposite arm underneath your body. Complete one on each side before going back into the shoulder taps. 

Try this one out and let me know how you go! I love no weight exercises for the days I just cannot be bothered. 

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