7 Ways To Improve Your Running

I am not a runner. I gave it my best effort a few months ago and that resulted in two ankle injuries and shin splints- I was determined to keep going, my body and physio though, they had other ideas. Just because I am destined to never be a long distance runner doesn't mean that you aren't! I scrolled the internet looking for the best tips on how to improve your running (and added in a few of my own.)

  1. Don't focus on making a new PB every time you run. This one was something that I was SO guilty of, I wanted every run to be better than my last, if it wasn't going to be faster than it had to be longer. What I learnt though is that you need to stop putting so much pressure on the outcome and shift that focus to the process instead.
  2. Take care of your feet. Your feet are the only part of your body that are going to make contact with the ground so they are taking the brunt of the workload. Make sure you look after them, often they are hidden by your shoes and not given all that much thought. A massage ball used as a foam roller on the heel and forefoot will do wonders.
  3. And don't forget about the rest of your body too! Keeping your whole body strong is the key to being a good runner, you need the strength throughout your full body in order to run at your full potential. 
  4. Perfect your running stance. When you are running your chest should be out and proud. Imagine that your chest is the first thing being pulled out in front of you as your run, this is how you can avoid hunching over with your shoulders. 
  5. Land on the front of your foot. Many people (me included) will land on the heel of their foot, and if your anything like me- it is going to start hurting a lot. It is hard to train your brain to remember how to land but it is so important to do so, it will make life easier on your joints. 
  6. Perfect your breathing technique. Are you running and breathing really fast? Of course you are, running makes you breathe hard and fast- I know! This fast breathing though, it actually means that you aren't getting enough of the co2 from your lungs. Slow down your breathing and try to keep yourself in a rhythm. 
  7. Post run is important. While it may be very attractive to lay down in a pool of sweat and sore muscles, however that period post run is very important. Make sure you are taking them time to stretch out your muscles, maybe add in a little foam roll and re-fuel your body.
Here is seven tips to make your life as a runner a little bit easier, I'll see you on the track... I'll be on the sidelines haha!

Get running!

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