5 Moves You Can Add To Your Workout Using Only A Kettlebell

Kettlebells are not only a versatile piece of equipment they are also a very cheap piece of equipment that you can grab from Kmart or Big W and have laying around the house for the times a good workout hits. You can use a kettlebell for resistance for almost any exercise so I thought I would give you a little bit of inspiration with five of my favourites.


Exercise 1: Kettlebell Squat

Okay look I am holding the weight upside down but that is only because I find that more comfortable for me if you are more of a somewhat normal person you can go ahead and hold the kettlebell the right way up.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed outward and the kettlebell held at your chest. Drop yourself down into the squat position (approximately 90 degrees or slightly lower, but not too low remember!!!) keeping the kettlebell stable the whole time. Push your knees and hips back up to the starting position and the squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement. 

Exercise 2: Kettlebell Bent Over Row

You could do this one a few different ways: a single arm, double arm, upright, bent over- whatever you are feelin' at the time- you do you. I have gone for the simple bent over, double arm row because I filmed this after arm day and let me tell you... I should have filmed before. 

Stand with your knees slightly bent, holding the kettlebell just above the floor in the middle of your body, make sure your back and neck are straight and your head is looking in front of you. Pull that kettlebell up towards your chest, keep those shoulders tucked in as much as possible. Pause at the top to squeeeeeze those muscles and return to the starting position. 

Exercise 3: Kettlebell Swing

I filmed single arm KB swings and then somehow when I went back to edit I had actually filmed two arm KB swings, so I don't know how that happened- either or, whatever you want to do. 

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart- push the hips back while bending the knees slightly, keep that chest up and hinge the torso until it is pretty much parallel with the floor. Now push the hips forward again (with a bit of gusto) and squeeze the glutes (make sure you feel them!!!). Let that momentum you just created swing the kettlebell to about shoulder height, now let it swing back and start again. You shouldn't be feeling this one in the lower back or in the arms. 

Exercise 4: Kettlebell Russian Twist

Who doesn't love a good old Russian twist??

My best advice here is to get your KB positioned above your thighs before you lift your legs off the ground- especially if you, like me have the WORST balance. When you are in your Russain twist position with your legs off the ground (you can have them bent or straight). Twist your body around and touch the kettlebell to the floor and then twist to the opposite side and say hello to your oblique muscles. 

Exercise 5: Kettlebell lunge & Press

I've filmed forward lunges here which is odd because I would usually go with a backward lunge for this move but whatever, you do you past Elyssa. 

From that upright starting position lunge forward with the kettlebell being held at your chest. When you are in the lunge position, maintain your lunge hold and lift that weight up above your head in a press and return to the chest, and then return out of the lunge, swap legs and do the other side. 

These are five pretty simple versions of exercises you can do with a kettlebell at home, some of them are quite a low impact so if you are having a pretty shitty day and anything that is going to make you think "fuck this" is off the agenda- these are good options. 

I can also do another post of five different kettlebell exercises that are a bit more advanced if anyone is keen for that - comment below and let me know. If you have other workout ideas as well, tell me!

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