4 Ways To Make Your Inchworm More Interesting

Question: What do accessory exercises become if you aren't changing them up every now and again? Answer: Boring and repetitive. 
A simple way to mix it up is by adding into a combination move and creating a whole different move all-together.

If you are doing the same exercises day in day out not only are you not going to progress, but you're going to grow bored and lose interest in working out. Change is good, even though it might not feel like it. 

For our first instalment of variation moves, I thought I would go with a move that I used to downright HATE, but now I can kind of deal with it (emphasis on the kind of). 


Clearly, I cannot go into the breakdown without explaining to you how to do the core move: an inchworm. 

I begin the move from upright, standing straight legs wherever feels naturally comfortable for you, around shoulder width. Bend from the hips and p[ut your hands on the floor in front of your feet, keeping your legs straight begin to walk your hands forward.  Once your body becomes parallel to the floor in a high plank position, stop there and it is time to walk your hands back to your body and return to the starting position. You have just done an inchworm. 


EXERCISE 1: Inchworm -> Alternating Lunges 

Okay, I have written it back to front, or filmed it back to front, either or- truth be told it doesn't really matter all that much which order you do this is, whatever you feel like. 
Option 1: Do the inchworm and once you get back to your starting position go straight into alternating backwards lunges. 
Option 2: Perform the two backwards alternating lunges and then go straight into the inchworm.  
Short on space? Swap the backwards lunges for forwarding lunges meaning you go into the same direction as the inchworm. 

EXERCISE 2: Inchworm -> Push up 

Aim of this one is to not almost hit you head on the front door like me. 
At the longest part of the inchworm pause and add in a push-up- on your toes if you can, if not drop to your knees and then go back to your toes to complete the inchworm. 

EXERCISE 3: Inchworm -> Snap jumps

Much the same movement as the push-up above, except when you get to the longest part of the inchworm add in four snap jumps, get ready to feel the abs burning!

EXERCISE 4: Inchworm -> Plank walk

This one is not ideal if you have a limited amount of space, but if you do have it this one will really fire up your core. Inchworm out, stopping at the longes part and plank walking three or four steps to the side, once you reach the end of the steps finish off the inchworm. 

I love love love changing up moves with variations such as these- what other variations are you interested in seeing? Up next I'm thinking the dreaded burpees- what do we think?

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