What Is TIA Active All About?

Welcome to a new verticle of The Introvert Archive!
On the main blog, we have always dived into the world of fitness and physical health but now with TIA Active, we have the ability to explore that aspect of health in a whole new way. Find out everything you need to know about TIA Active below.

TIA Active is about working out to feel well. 

If you have been around TIA for a while you would have read about my mental health journey and the struggles and challenges I have faced in regards to my mental health- if not there is a post coming up that will give you the inside scoop and allow you to get to know me (Elyssa) a little bit better.
I began incorporating fitness and training aspects into my daily routine because they made me feel good. Training gives me mental clarity and sets me and my mind up to have a good, day- to be productive, to feel well.
Of course, mental health can't be "solved" with physical activity but it can be helped.

We aren't here to make huge gains, or count calories or anything at all like that, our objective is simple: training to feel well, and doing it all from your safe space. 

All workouts will be at home workouts. 

Any TIA Active workout that we produce will be so easy for you to do at home for a few reasons:
  • Social anxiety still prevents me from actually stepping foot in a gym and I was surprised to learn that there were other girls like that as well. Rationally we know that the gym is not a scary place, but that social anxiety niggles at you. For me, I found the solution to setting up a little gym area in the back room of my house. 
  • Cost. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, especially if you're also paying for psychology visits- believe me, I know. By providing you with at-home workouts that use little- to no equipment it will cost you nothing and you won't have to part with your hard earned dollars in order to move your body and feel well.  
  • Convenience and time. Look, in the depths of my mental health issues I couldn't get my self out the house most days, so I want to offer you a way that you can hopefully work out to feel well from the comfort of your safe place. I also know that sometimes you don't feel like training until some odd hour, so this gives you the chance to train whenever you want. 
Some days you will get a HIIT session, others a lightweight arm session- there is going to be a range of different types of movements coming at you. I will also be releasing a post on the most basic of equipment that may be used during some of the videos- but if you don't want to buy those then, of course, there is going to be alternatives listed.

The short versions of the workouts (ie. just a few seconds of each exercise per video) will be posted to the Instagram page. The full breakdown of the workout including a description of how to do each movement will be available at the same time on this site. So that means you can save the video for later on your Instagram, and if you don't understand something you can find out all the nitty gritty right here. 

A disclaimer.

I am not a qualified anything, so these workouts have come from my past five years of watching people on Youtube and Instagram and buying every bloody home guide under the sun ($$$$). I've tried multiple different guides offered up by so many different people, but I can't stick to them- they get boring and repetitive and I want to enjoy training. Instead of looking at physical activity as a tool to enhance my mental health I would start looking at it is a chore.

The workouts that you find on TIA active, they are not all going to be the same, we're going to mix it up all the time. Most of the ones posted will be parts of what I actually did in my training sessions in the morning- so that I can be assured that they flow well.

I am so excited to be launching TIA Active, its been something in the pipeline for a while now and it has actually been anxiety that has stopped me from just clicking that publish button. Now I am taking the leap and hoping that TIA Active will help so many other people find their mental balance with the help of a physical activity.

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