Everything You Need To Know About Resistance Training

What is resistance training?

In case you are not fully aware of what resistance training actually is- allow me to explain it to you. Resistance training refers to movements that cause the muscle to contract against an external resistance in order to build strength, anaerobic endurance, and skeletal muscle. These contractions cause microscopic damage or tears to the muscle fibers, the body then quickly repairs this damage in order to regenerate and strengthen. If you perform resistance training repeatedly and consistently you will see growth in your muscles. 

How can I do resistance training at home?

At TIA Active we all about working out and training from our comfortable space, which for many of us is our home. So how can you actually do resistance training at home? The quickest and easiest way to do some resistance training at home is by investing in some resistance equipment. Think along the lines of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, resistance bands etc. I think my first set of equipment I brought was dumbbells and I continue to use them pretty much every time I train. 

What are the benefits of resistance training?

There are SO many benefits of adding some resistance training into your routine- not convinced? Let me give you a few! 
  • Burn fat- both during your workout and after it.
  • Improve your muscle strength. 
  • Strengthen your joints and bones.
  •  Increase and maintain your balance, flexibility, and mobility. 
  • Prevention and control of chronic diseases, pain management
  • Increase stamina, improve posture
  • Weight management, increased muscle to fat ratio
  • Improve sense of wellbeing, self-confidence
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Decrease cholesterol, decrease blood pressure
  • Improve sleep, enhance the performance of everyday tasks
  • Improve focus, improve cognitive function

What are some resistance training exercises? 

Alright so now you're convinced that resistance training is something you want to try- what are some exercises that you can add resistance too? Almost anything! Add a kettlebell held at your chest to your next set of squats, perform a chest press with two dumbbells, add a set of dumbbells to your squats. You can take anything from a bodyweight exercise to a weighted, resistance movement. 

Don't forget a lot of the circuits and such that we post on here can be modified to be either body weight or resistance training- check out some of them here. 

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