Pre-Workouts That Didn't Wreak Havoc On My Anxiety

Sometimes you wake up feeling like utter crap and you know that without a little something extra your workout is going to be exactly the same- right? I've been using pre-workout for a few years now and have learned which ones will have an effect on my anxiety and which ones won't- usually the hard way.

Below are three pre-workouts that I have used that didn't cause me any dramas with my anxiety after consumption. With that being said, just because they worked for me doesn't mean they will 100% work for you. This is my own personal experience and may not reflect that of others. Before you try any supplement I recommend doing your research and talking to a professional.

 Now that is out of the way, straight on to it.

Oxyshred by ATP Science 

Favorite pre-workout / fat burner EVER. Big call, yes I know- but I always come back to this product. I'll shimmy away and think "maybe I'll try this one this time!" but without a doubt, I always have one of these sitting in my cupboard. I have one scoop in a glass of water first thing in the morning before I train and about twenty minutes after I've consumed it I am ready to go. The caffeine content of one scoop is 150mg, which sounds like a lot doesn't? Thank goodness this one doesn't give me the jitters or make my anxiety go through the roof. 
I buy mine from Fat Burners Only for $72.35 and my favourite flavor is kiwi-strawberry. 

Fat Burning Powder by Happy Way

This product is the last pre-workout / fat burner that I picked up all because I was drawn to the "100% natural" slogan. This one gives you the faintest of energy lifts but it also means that it isn't going to be inducing an anxiety attack any time soon either. I use this on the days where I am already pretty energized and just want an extra kick- one scoop before training and I am good to go. One scoop which is 10g has approximately 12.15mg of caffeine- so barely anything at all in the grand scheme of things. 
I purchased mine from Happy Way for $69.95 and my favorite flavor is the mango. 

Showtime Thermoshred by Green Tea X50

When I read the caffeine content of this product my eyebrows got very high on my forehead and I was very surprised that it doesn't give me the jitters- but it doesn't so I am still going to tell you about it. This is quite a strong product and definitely not something I would be able to have daily, also the flavor is very sweet. As with all the others, I just have one scoop first thing in the morning before training, about half an hour before while I am writing up my workout. This one has 200mg of caffeine per scoop- a scoop being about 5.3g. I wouldn't recommend this if you have anxiety and low caffeine tolerance. 
I purchased mine for $68.90 from Fat Burners Only and I got the flavor sour gummy (yes it tastes like sour gummies and yes it is very sweet.)

As I said above before buying any kind of supplementation (remembering that it is a supplement, to supplement a healthy lifestyle!!!) you should first do your own research and talk to people who know what they are on about. Before I purchased these I did my research, because they are not cheap and I didn't want to buy something that was going to send me into an anxiety attack. 

Do your research hunny. 

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