This Basic Leg & Cardio Circuit Requires Minimal Thought On your Behalf!

Some days you want something short and simple, that you don't have to think too much about- and that is where I got you, girl!

This a basic, simple circuit of five legs focused exercises that require little to no thought on your behalf. 40 seconds work with 20 seconds rest in between each exercise- so in that 40 seconds, you should be going as hard as your body/mind will let you.

This is the perfect quick circuit for the days you just can't be bothered- this one is actually one that I've taken from the day after a pretty bad panic attack. My chest was heavy and I wasn't keen on a full-blown leg workout, so I did three rounds of this instead of moping in my bed like I wanted too. I find that when I am feeling anxious and sore it is best to go slowly with something small instead of a full-blown cardio workout. This incorporates a few cardio moves and a few leg ones as well.

Give it a go!


40 seconds work, followed by 20 seconds of rest before moving onto the next exercise for as many rounds as you feel possible, don't be too hard on yourself if you can only get through one or two!

Exercise 1: Squat x 3 -> Squat with calf raise x 3

Squat: With your knees slightly outside of shoulder width apart, bend from the knees to just about 90 degrees. As you come back up make sure you squeeze the glutes at the top. Do this for three reps before completing the squat movement but as you get to the bottom of the move lift the souls of your feet off the floor into a calf raise. Do this once and then come back to the top of the squat, go again for two more times. This round goes for 40 seconds of work, then take 20 seconds rest before moving on to the next set. 

Exercise 2: Burpees

Ah, everyone's favourite right? I think I do them a bit backwards as someone has pointed out, you may be supposed to start with a vertical jump first? However, this is how I do it: from an upright position bend down to place your hands on either side of your feet, use your whole body to jump your feet out and into a high plank position. Jump your legs back in and push yourself up and into a vertical jump. This is one rep- keep going for the full 40 seconds. 

Exercise 3: Alternating donkey kicks

Begin on all fours (you may want to put a mat or something underneath you because your knees will hurt without!!) One at a time lift each leg backwards and up at a 90-degree angle. Maintain the balance of your whole body and try your hardest not to move your core with each lift (it is a hard one!!). Lower each leg down slowly and alternate between the two. 

Exercise 4: Skaters

Start in the middle of wherever you feel comfortable working out and have both of your feet together. Use the momentum of your left leg to propel yourself to the right, landing with your right leg- don't forget to get the real ski style happening with the arms as well! Do it again with the right foot, push off with that foot and land on your left. Don't land with a straight leg, have your leg slightly bent so you are protecting your knees and ankles from the impact, try and land as soft as possible. 

Exercise 5: Alternating backwards lunges

Everyone knows what a lunge is right? I'll tell you anyway! Stand with your feet together and a decent amount of room behind you. With your left foot step back and bend at both knees into a lunge position. Bring that leg back up to your starting position and complete the move again on the other side. 

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