How To Find Motivation When You're Feeling Mentally Drained

Has anyone seen my motivation? I seem to have misplaced him!

When it comes to training and being physically active it can be a mission in itself to stay motivated to actually get your workout done. You can't always rely on motivation to show up when you need it too, so here are some tips that I have found to find that motivation and get it done. 

  • Put your activewear on and make sure you feel confident in it
    You might feel like this is a chore in itself but once you have your activewear on and you look at yourself think "damnnnnn girl" you might just find that your motivation has come back unannounced. Also, feeling confident in your gym wear is the best motivator.
  • Set yourself little goals for your workout
    Goal one might be simply getting through the warm-up. Once that is done and you think you can go one set yourself goal two which might be to get through a set of 10 reps of a certain movement. Keep setting yourself these little goals throughout the workout to keep pushing yourself.
  • Write down how you feel after each workout
    Keep a little journal, or even just a note on your phone, after every training write down how you feel mentally and physically. When you feel unmotivated look back at this note to jolt the reminder of how good a workout leaves you feeling.
  • Have a killer playlist 
    The most upbeat, energy-rising music will get your blood pumping and your motivation turned all the way up. Make your own or search Spotify to find some music that will get you in the mood instantly. No one wants to listen to sad songs while they?
  • Tell people when & where you are exercising... and that you don't want to be disturbed
    Of course, most of us are working out at home, so if you don't want someone walking in on you while you're sweating it out- let them know. I get very self-conscious about people coming around while I am working out, even if it is just my boyfriend, so I always make it a time when I know I won't be walked in on.
  • If you work better in a group.. find one!
    If you think you would get more out of working out if you had someone there to push and motivate you, then find someone to join in with you. You could ask a friend to workout with you, join a group class, join a running club- whatever it could be!
  • Reward yourself 
    Make sure you show a little self-love and reward yourself for getting it done. On the really hard days like when I have had a complete breakdown if I get through my workout I'll often reward myself with something like a little online shopping or a face mask- whatever you reward yourself with.
  • Check in with yourself: are you doing something you enjoy?
    Different people enjoy different types of physical activity: some people like lifting weights while others enjoy going for a run, some people enjoy the stairs while others enjoy pilates. You need to find something that works for you and makes you feel well on the inside.
  • Plan your workout into your day like a meeting you can't cancel.
    I am a creature of habit, so if I set a time for something to be done- it will get done. Set yourself a certain time in your day, mark it in your diary and get it done. treat it like a really important meeting- but with yourself to take care of yourself. 
Remember: there is pushing yourself and then there is overworking yourself. Don't do the latter. If you feel like you mentally and physically cannot get through a workout today, then have a rest day- we all need them, so take yours!

Do you have other ways of staying motivated or finding motivation when it goes MIA? Let us know below!

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