5 Health and Fitness Podcasts You Should Be Listening Too

Are you a podcast type of person? Are you also a health and fitness types of person? Yes? Me too!

I listen to podcasts almost daily- when I'm walking, when I'm in the car, when I'm in the office, I love listening to podcasts!

If you are looking for a few that focus on health and fitness here are some of my absolute favourites:

The Rise and Conquer Podcast 

This is very much a complete health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle podcast which is right up my alley. Hosted by Gymshark athlete, business owner, Youtuber, Instagram influencer, health coach and law graduate Georgie Stevenson this podcast gets played as soon as a new episode drops when it comes to me. In some episodes, Georgie will chat with experts such as Steph McDonald (who you may know as Better Being Steph) and nutritionist Nina Gabriela and in other she will draw from her experiences to bring an informative listen. 

The ATP Project 

I have listened to many, many of these episodes and can tell you honestly that I find it to be the most informative podcast ever! Hosted by three guys who I only have ever known to be Matt, Jeff and Steve- if there is something health, wellness, fitness going around, they will probably have covered it. Episodes with experts such as naturopath Elizma Lamber and business owners such as Simon Hill, episodes that do a deep dive into the ATP Science product range and episodes with a wealth of information that can help you with your health and fitness journey. 


Surely you know who Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are by now! If not, have you been living under a rock? The co-founders of Keep It Cleaner have started their very own podcast where they talk about all things living a healthy and happy life. There may only be a few episodes but these ladies are already taking the podcast charts by storm. If you're a fan of the girls and their KIC program, you'll love the podcast to go with it!

The Health And Lifestyle Podcast 

While we're here- if you know who the KIC girls are, then you will definitely know who Danny Kennedy is? Professional personal trainer to everyone on your Instagram feed and all of his online clients, this podcast will bring you all aspects of nutrition and training in a no-bullshit approach. He won't sell you fad diets or the latest booty program but he will give you the honest truth as to how you can kill it in your training and eating game.

The Healthy Hustlers 

Hosted by Madelyn Carafa, who like me and you is a major health enthusiast, the podcast interviews people in the health and fitness space every week. From fitness empire creators Lorna Jane and Tully Lou to health and fitness influencers like Georgie Stevenson and Olivia Rodgers. There are SO many different episodes with so many different perspectives for you to indulge in. 

Do you have other podcasts you think are worth the listen? let us know in the comment section below!

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