A Shadowboxing HIIT Circuit- Punch All Your Feelings Away!

Have you tried shadowboxing before? It can be just as effective as actual boxing if you add in a small set of weights! It is also effective for dealing with some anger, instead of punching something I shouldn't be, I can just punch thin air, better option- right?

This is a HIIT circuit, so you have to give is your absolute all for the small window that you are working. I have found my favourite way to do shadowboxing HIIT is 30 seconds of each move and then rest at the end of the round, that is how I have set this workout out, but you can set it out however you want.

I have also added in a set of two-kilo weights, but you can use one kilogram, a set of full water bottles, you don't even have to use any kind of resistance to still feel the burn.

The Breakdown

Complete 30 seconds of each move one after the other until all five exercises have been completed. Take a 30 seconds-1 minute break before moving onto the next round. Complete 3-4 rounds.

Exercise 1: Jab-Cross

Alright let's get this started with a simple jab-cross- but it won't be easy. This one is ideal if you have weights 1-2 kilograms maximum, don't forget your only going for thirty seconds so you have to go hard. Keep your core activated the whole time and really punch it out.

Exercise 2: Sit-Up Punch 

Perform a sit up and when you get to the top add in a jab-cross. You will feel this one in your abs, which should be on for the whole time. Make sure you're really putting in that effort with the punch at the top.

Exercise 3: Burpee- Punch

Thought I was going to give you a HIIT workout and not chuck in some burpees? Wrong- I have a new found love for a good burpee. In this modified version, take the upright jump out of the end of the burpee and instead replace it with a jab-cross. You would think it would make the burpee a bit easier... but this will still make you break a sweat.

Exercise 4: Above Head Punch

This is kind of like doing shoulder presses, but you're using little to no weight and you're speeding them up. Your shoulders are going to feel the absolute burn. Perform the move on your knees and keep your core engaged throughout the whole time. Remember its only 30 seconds so you really have to push through the burn.

Exercise 5: Raised Leg Punch

I think I made this one up one-day accidentally but it will still be effective in this HIIT, say goodbye to your arms. In a tabletop position on your back, maintain this position (core!!!) while punching from the chest- like a chest press but faster and with less weight. Brace your core and push from the chest.

Add this into your next arm day to really get your heart rate up and feel that burn!!

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